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I help turn good ideas into practical digital solutions that benefit business goals.


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Senior Digital Consultant — TMP Worldwide UK/PeoplesScout


I provide digital consultation and project management to clients and internal teams. Involves building prototypes, showcases, leading project teams, and presenting to clients.

  • manage all digital client projects through the business
  • develop innovation in technology through identifying opportunities and bringing them to market.
  • work with clients to identify problems within the business and develop digital solutions to mitigate/solve those issues.
  • pitch for for work that contain a technology/digital requirement
  • define the scope of projects, work on the cost estimates, and manage internal/external project teams to deliver
  • develop user journeys, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, oversee digital design, development, accessibility standards of the development teams
  • ensure monthly/annual sales targets are achieved
  • develop the strategy, plan, report on, and manage the delivery of new technology products within the business

Projects & Highlights

  • Sainsburys.jobs

    Delivered a best in class careers site for Saisnbury's backed by an Enterprise Search engine.

  • The AA Careers

Technical Consultant — Squiz UK


I provide technical consultation to potential client to assist with the sales onboarding process. Involves building prototypes, showcases, and presenting to clients.

Projects & Highlights

  • Pitching to Adidas in Germany

    Proposed a new content management approach to existing problems. As part of the pitch I redeveloped a replica of adidas.com on Squiz Matrix which included full content managed Home and Landing pages with product images and video components across 2 languages. The pitch involved a full day (6 hours) Q&A and demonstration in Nürnberg, Germany.

  • Speaking at User Conference and UX Seminars

    User Conference: Delivered a talk on continual website improvements — how to update your website without actually making any changes to you site. Watch the Video or use the accompanying website

    UX Seminar: Delivered a talk about preparing for a User Experience project by paying attention to your current analytics. It involved reviewing visitor trends, click reports, setting event tracking, goals and configuring funnels to report against the profitability of your site. Watch the video.

  • Tipp24 Lottery Project

    Developed a demo system for a pitch for a POC project for a new lottery site. The demonstration included personalisation, internationalisation, user account creation and management plus standard content editing requirements.

Web Technical Consultant — Squiz Australia

April 2011- November 2012

I managed a remote office in Darwin, Northern Territory, servicing existing local clients and developing new business. As the sole person in the region this involved a wide variety of responsibilities including sales, account management, project management, technical consultation, front-end and back-end development and training. The role also included travel to Western Australia to engage with clients and trips to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a roadshow to promote the products and our services around personalisation services.

While in the role I increased the sales in the area and reclaimed clients that had switched to a local competitor.

Projects & Highlights

  • Palmerston City Council

    The Palmerston City Council were looking for a redevelopment of their public facing website. The requirement was to provide a cleaner design with a site focused around life, work and leisure in the city.

    Work included

    • Business Analytics
    • Information Architecture
    • Wire-framing
    • Functional Specification

  • Edith Cowan University Mobile Site

    Edith Cowan University wanted to provide a mobile specific experience to their potential and existing customers. My tasks on this project included:

    • Recommendation of CMS configuration
    • CMS Development
    • HTML & CSS development on jQuery Mobile

Owner — Javery Design


I provide technical consultation to exiting and potential client to aid the sales process. Involves building prototypes, showcases, and presenting to clients.

I'm not taking on any work for Javery Design at the moment.

Projects & Highlights

  • PWC iPhone App

    Power and Water Corporation were looking to build an iPhone application, however the purpose of the application needed to be discovered

    I ran a series of interviews and workshops with senior stakeholders and customers to identify the key business requirements for the application and mapped those into a document. The document contained a technical specification, user and information journeys and wireframes for the entire app experience. It also provided required data structures.

Head Technical Consultant — Squiz UK

August 2009- February 2011

As the Head Technical Consultant I was responsible for the overall technical delivery of solutions. I managed a large team of local & offshore developers (both front and backend development teams) to ensure that implementation standards were being followed and project scopes and build plans were delivered on time and in budget.

Projects & Highlights

  • Brunel University

    Brunel University undertook a full CMS replacement and redesign of their public facing website. As part of the project we focussed on creating an easy course finder and structured the course data so that it could easily be reused for the yearly prospectus (created in QuarkXPress).

    As part of the project I delivered user journeys, Wireframes, Functional Specification, Build Plan.

  • YouWin

    I flew to Malta to spend a week with the client reviewing their website requirements prior to the client signing up for the full project.

    At the completion of the week the client signed off on the project based on the work we had completed where I then managed a team of ten designers and developers across 3 countries and several disparate systems. At the completion of the project 3 months later we had completed their website across 3 languages integrating with multiple 3rd party gambling products.

  • Boyle Sports

    Provided a 2 week effort technical scope and mapped out their online direction over the upcoming 18 Months. I flew to Northern Ireland where I spent 4 days in the office meeting with the relevant stakeholders, and a further 6 days writing my recommendations.

    “I had pretty high expectations after seeing your software and checking out your company through my online gaming tech community. However, let me just say that the standard of professionalism and follow up displayed by your team is worlds apart from anything we have seen or could possibly have expected.”
    IT Director comments

Senior Technical Consultant — Squiz UK

November 2007- July 2009

As a Senior Technical Consultant I was responsible for the overall technical delivery of solutions. I ensured that implementation standards we're being followed and project scopes and build plans were delivered.

Projects & Highlights

  • Westminster Abbey

    The website manager of the Westminster Abbey site books 4 x 1⁄2 day sessions of my time each quarter to review the current state of the web and areas of improvement for their online presence. From these meetings we have created YouTube Channels, Twitter listings, Intranet Forums & directories and are currently working on Data Visualisation of the Abbey history and Iphone/iPad applications.

  • Victoria & Albert Museum

    Similar to the Westminster Abbey, the Victoria and Albert Museum used my services to assist in developing a online road map for their site. This is one of the longer projects I have worked on, starting in April 2008 and the website launch in April 2010.

  • Shelter

Corporate Information Manager — Power & Water Corporation

2003- 2007

The Power and Water Corporation is the Northern Territory of Australia's provider of electricity, water and sewerage services. With over 750 employees Power and Water is one of the largest businesses in the Territory with assets in excess of $1.2 billion and servicing 77,000 customers.

Roles & Responsibilities & Projects

My main tasks were to manage information within Power and Water. Information includes but is not limited to incoming and outgoing correspondence, physical and electronic files, file systems and Electronic Document Management System, Email Accounts, Internet and Intranet sites, auditor recommendations, and the Data Warehouse of all Business Application Systems (Business Intelligence).

  • Internet/Intranet
    • Intranet Site overhaul
    • 2 Internet Site overhauls
    • Pay your bill online
    • Callout roster
    • Lightning Tracker
    • MyIntranet
    • WAP page development (mobile phones)
    • Content Management System Project Execution Plan
    • Build and monitor Apache, MySQL, SQL2000 Server, ColdFusion 5, PHP server
  • Records, Information Management and Privacy
    • Project execution plan for the upgrade to TRIM 6.1 including upgrade from MS Office 97 to MS Office 2000, migration from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange, introduction of document assembly, migration to Intranet/Internet Content Management System and the upgrade and collaboration of Servers.
    • Electronic Document Management System Super User group
    • Power and Water achievement of Triple Certification in Occupational Health and Safety(AS/NZ 4801); Environment (ISO 14001); and Quality (ISO 9001)
    • Development of an external Customer Information Portal
    • In sourcing of Records Management and mail services
    • Red Cross Tracing Services access to Customer Information
  • Business Intelligence
    • Development of KPI Dashboards based on auditor recommendations
    • Development of real-time confined space register
    • Review and overhaul of existing business reports to ensure information accuracy
    • Implementation of process guidelines in developing business reports.


I enjoy sharing the things that I learn over time with people, and what better way then to do it on stage.

Five Ways to Master Responsive Design

Adobe Max Conference 2015 - Los Angeles — http://max.adobe.com

The Adobe Max conference sees 6,500 creatives come together in Downtown LA over three days. I was there to deliver a talk on Five ways to Master Responsive Design.

The Entropic Web

Mobx Conference 2015 - Berlin — http://2015.mobxcon.com

In front of the largest European screen I spoke about the Web and it's relationship with the Universe and the laws that govern the Universe. The talk was delivered to Senior Mobile UX and UI specialists.

Side Projects

Through my side projects I've won a Net Award for Side Project of the Year and run a successful weekly newsletter on Responsive Design that reaches more than 22,000 people worldwide.

Am I Responsive


Show off how responsive design looks across different browsers easily with this 4 in 1 viewport tool. See how your site looks on desktop, laptop, ipad & iphone. This project won 2013 Net Magazine Side Project of the Year.



A site dedicated to providing beginners and advanced users tips, tricks, inspiration and resources for their responsive design projects. Currently attracts 25k users and 60k page views a month.

Responsive Design Weekly Newsletter


A weekly newsletter covering all things responsive design that has grown to over 22000 subscribers (as of June 2014). It was recently referenced as the #1 resource for responsive design by Brad Frost.

Responsive Interview Series Ebook


A collection of interviews, tips, tricks and some responsive sketch pages in one easy to download file. Darwin Web Standards.